About us

The history of J. Adler spans over one-hundred years across multiple continents. 

J.Adler History

In 1904, three young German brothers, of the Adler family, arrived in New York City - the very center of opportunity and entrepeneurism. Keen to share their craftsmanship with the day's most enterprising, sartorial customers, the Adler brothers positied their business, Adler Shoes, directly on New York's famous Fifth Avenue.

Raised in a shoemakers family in Frankfurt, the boys were trained under master guidance and developed their skill at the craft. Their family's shoe business was responsible for the production of "The Budapest," a full-brogue derby with a high toe cap - which became a popular seller in London, Paris and Rome.

At the Adler Brothers' Fifth Avenue shoe store, they released "The Budapest" to a hugely receptive audience. Renown for their beautiful style and masterful craftsmanship, America, Land of Opportunity, was a perfect match for Adler Shoes. Their passion and skill grew for shoemaking, placing them among the most highly-trained cobblers in the nation. Alas, the early 20th Century's economic disasters deeply affected Adler Shoes and its client base. The two older brothers eventually sought more stable employment, choosing different fields. However the younger brother, John Adler, maintained his passion for shoe making and he could not bring himself to let the business go. John Adler persisted in his passion and, later, introduced his sons and grandsons to the business. Ironically, one of his grandsons returned to Frankfurt to pursue shoemaking and further, carrying the passion of his grandfather which translated into an energetic revival of the rich, skillful tradition of shoe making. Thus the J. Adler tradition returned to Europe.

Today the family is still actively involved in the day to day running of the business both in America and Europe. The passion of John Adler is still the guiding principle by which all shoes are made. His legacy reminds everyone in the business that our work is the pursuit of passion for fine men’s custom footwear made with great skill and care. Our craftsmanship and artistry are a result of the talent, industry and skillfulness of John Adler.