Why J.Adler

As a leader in the industry, with a history spanning over one-hundred years, J. Adler Shoes are in the top echelon of men's bespoke footwear. 

Why J.Adler is better

Perfect Fit

Every J. Adler shoe is perfectly fit to a custom, hand-made last created from our customers' personalised casts. Each leather boot or shoe is fitted to your foot cast to ensure the comfort and quality of a truly bespoke shoe. No two feet are alike, not even an individual's two feet are identical which is what makes our business stand above the rest.

When you order J. Adler shoes, you'll be send an easy-to-use casting kit. From your casts, we create personal lasts - based on the exact shape/seize of your foot - to ensure our bespoke shoes are perfectly formed to your feet. While doing so, our master last-makers will of course model the last as close to the shoe-shape you ordered as possible.

J. Adler is the only shoemaker that builds a shoe from a direct cast of the customers’ feet, which is far more precise than any meaurements. It is simply a crime that shoes are largely sold on a simple, single arbitrary measurement. How arbitrary? In 1324 King Edward II declared that three grains of barley was the equivalent of an inch. Since this time American and European shoes sizes have been constructed using this archaic measurement. With minor improvements including half sizes and the occassional width measurement, shoemaking has been advancing but still falls victim to mass production.

J. Adler bespoke shoes use lasts based on perfect casts of your feet and premium construction for a perfect fit and style.

Perfect Construction

Shoe weight, flexibility and comfort are impacted by the sole of the shoe. We use sole leather that has been pit cured over an eighteen months using oak bark as the tanning agent. The tannins in the oak bark bind and conserve the leather’s protein structures which adds durability while maintaining breathability and flexibility. This process is neither fast nor cheap, however, the result is lightweight , comfortable sole leather. Each sole is 14 irons thick (an Iron is a medieval measurement tool still used today by true leather craftsmen). The part of the hide used for the soles is called a 'bend,' which comes from the back of the calf. Our level of specific knowledge about sole leather requires personal access to and deeply integrated relationships with the world's best tanners. In contrast, common practice is using cheap rubber or leather sealed with a dye for purely aesthetic reasons.

J. Adler uppers are all made from Italian calf leather. This Grade A, full grain calf leather will develop a beautiful patina over time. Our calf leather is a semi-aniline, dyed leather produced through a very similar process to full-aniline leather, but, in addition, has a thin protective top coat added to protect your bespoke shoes from wear and staining.

All our materials are expertly used in the hand construction of the shoe. When you look at a pair of J.Adler shoes and admire the broguing, you’re admiring a pattern hand punched by the hand of a Master Cobbler. Each thread of cobblers' twine is hand waxed in beeswax and pushed through the welt with a hand tool, a welting awl, to secure the sole. All shoes are expertly crafted with awls pushing thread in opposite directions to ensure the hole is entirely filled - thus making the sole water tight. Finally the cobbler uses a bone knife to smooth the welt. The skillful hands of the cobbler craft the shoe, never a modern machine.

Perfect Value

We are able to offer the discerning Gentleman hand-made, bespoke shoes for the same price as high street shoes because we use a proprietary process to model the feet and the Internet is our retail floor without the need for very expensive retail space.