Our leathers

All leathers are not created equal. J. Adler uppers are all made from Italian calf leather. This Grade A, full grain calf leather develops a beautiful patina over time. The sole leathers are pit cured over 18 months. High street shoes simply do not use leathers of this quality.


Calf leather

For our custom made shoes

Our custom made shoes constructed in Italian Grade A full grain calf leather will develop a beautiful patina over time.Our calf leather is a semi-aniline dyed leather which is produced through a very similar process to full-aniline, but in addition has a thin protective top coat added to protect your custom handmade shoes from wear and staining.This is the most used process for leather of top quality handmade custom made shoes currently.


Buffalo leather

For our custom made shoes & boots

is a very strong, yet subtle leather used by us mostly for our custom handmade Western style boots or as a secondary leather for Spectator shoes. It is by feel very close to suede yet even finer and softer.


Suede leather

For our custom made shoes & boots

is made from the underside of the skin, primarily calf leather is commonly used.Suede is more sensitive than our normal calf leather due to the missing, protective outer skin but has a beautiful soft velvety texture and feel and more casual appearance. At ADLER we offer suede as an alternative leather with many of our custom made shoes handmade classic and designer shoes only the best is good enough for our custom made shoes and boots.


Oiled Buffalo leather

is a top of the line leather for boots extremely durable / strong which is the reason this leather is used mainly for high end equestrian boots / riding boots and motorcycle boots as well as some motorcycle Jackets. Oiled Buffalo leather is also very water resistant and a pair of boots in this material will last you a very long time. The Buffalo leather will develop an attractive patina over time.


Alligator leather

Our Alligator leather originate from the USA and are CITES certified to originate from breeding farms.At ADLER all our custom made shoes are made from single, complete hides and not like with many other companies constructed as a patchwork of small pieces of hide.

crocodile leather

Crocodile leather

Our Crocodile leather for our custom made shoes and boots originates from farms in Asia (crocodilus siamensis).Crocodile leather is very strong and long lasting. We use belly hide which has a finer, more elegant structure for our shoes, but upon customers request we can use back hide for a more dramatic effect, usually for Western boots.


Stingray hide

We procure this most unusual fish-hide from S.E. Asia. The preparation of this extremely durable, robust hide is very time and labor consuming since it has to be sanded down to a usable thickness by hand. Stingray has a pearl like surface with the center pearls usually enhanced for effect.


Ostrich leg hide

This highly unusual, highly individual leather comes from the leg of the animal (upper thigh).It is one of the most outstanding leathers and looks like a mixture of crocodile and lizard. Each hide is totally individual and each pair of shoes unique.


Eel hide

This highly unusual, highly individual fish leather has a very subtle, lightly textured surface and makes for a very elegant dress shoe.Eel is by its nature a softer hide and therefore only suitable for dress shoes and care needs to be taken.