How it works

J. Adler Shoes come in a variety of styles, patterns, materials and colors. Each bespoke shoe is created from your personal last. Once you've ordered, we'll send you a casting kit that incudes two casting socks and instructions on how to make perfect moulds of your feet. Simpy send back the casts and we'll get started on making your custom-made, hand-stitched, bespoke leather shoes. 

Step 1

Select your style

Select your shoe style and customise it with our options and add it to your box. Choose from our selection of styles: Oxford, Monk Strap, Boots, etc. then customise in your choice of leather, sole and welt construction.

Step 2

Place your order

Place your shoe order and receive our purchase confirmation.

Step 3

Receive casting socks

Once you have placed your order for your J. Adler shoes or boots, we will send you, via express, our casting kit. This kit includes two medical-grade casting socks - one for each foot. They are made of a special resin-coated material and because they are elastic, they will mould to your feet and ankle resulting in a perfect cast of your feet.

When casting your feet it is important to stand as you normally would so that every normal, natural aspect of the foot is moulded. Feet change shape under weight so a cast of a foot while seated will result in an ill-fitting shoe. Once finished, send back the casting socks. Once we've received back the casts, we'll get to work on your order right away - beginning with making your personal lasts. Your bespoke, hand-stitched shoes will arrive in 8-12 weeks from the time we received your casts. 

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Step 4

Returning the casts

When we receive the casts we fill them with a special hard setting polymer in order to reproduce an exact replica of the foot. As this process provides us with a more flexible model we are able to constantly reference and measure the foot during last production. Unlike traditional methods that rely on measurements and traces on paper, our Last Maker has a constant and ready model to reference - making the last quality better and faster to produce.

Important information: For those with bunions or unique feet, the last is fashioned to allow for comfort and support. We achieve a look for our bespoke shoes as close as possible to the Model shown. There are cases, however, whern fit and comfort of the footwear must take priority over style. Read through our shoe descriptions or contact us to determine what shoe style is best for your unique feet.

Step 5

Enjoy your J.Adler shoes

8-12 weeks after we receive your casts, a pair of custom-made shoes are delivered by express post to your door with a full warranty for 2 years for any faults due to workmanship or materials of the upper leather which does not include the sole. It is essential for the customer to gradually "break in" these custom shoes. Refer to our care instructions for guidance.

Once you receive your first pair of J.Adler shoes you will be given your personal last number. On repeat orders you will be able to simply quote this number and your personal last will be used by our Master Shoe Maker and delivery of your new custom shoes or boots will be made in 6-8 weeks. As you do not need to have multiple items shipped, your shipping costs will be reduced.