Le Club des Douze on J Adler

April 11, 2015

Le Club des Douze is a great site dedicated to highlighting quality menswear. Each week they showcase 12 pieces that they believe exemplify style and craftsmanship – we are really honoured by their support of our product! Here is what they had to say about us: http://leclubdesdouze.com/j-adler-bespoke-shoes-for-the-discerning-gents/   Learn more about Le Club des Douze: http://leclubdesdouze.com/en/

Oak-Bark Tanned Leather Shoes: A Symbol of Quality

March 24, 2015

As the world becomes more quality conscious, the demand for first-class leather has increased significantly. We want handbags, shoes and belts made from soft, durable leather, finished to a beautiful sheen. This desire extends even to the soles of our shoes. The finest leather is produced using traditional methods and that means Oak-Bark Tanning. The tannery starts with a raw, salted hide. The first step is to remove the hair and wash the lime from the surface of the skin. The second step could be referred to as “surface” tanning. To ensure even tanning, the hides are suspended from racks... View Article →

Handmade Leather Shoes

Online and Bespoke: Convenience Meets Perfection

October 24, 2014

You may wonder how ordering bespoke shoes online is possible. Commonly, a custom-fitted shoe requires an in-person visit to a brick-and-mortar shop. The process of last making begins with creating moulds of the customer’s feet using pliable materials that harden quickly to make a cast. J. Adler makes this process convenient for online shoppers. For your first J. Adler shoes order you’ll first receive a kit to create your own casts. Our instructions and materials make it easy to create these moulds from the convenience of your home. Once you’ve created your casts, ship them back to us and our Master Last Maker will create... View Article →

Bespoke Spectator Shoes

The Benefits of Bespoke

October 16, 2014

Bespoke shoes are a smart gentlemens wardrobe essential. For the office, dining and formal occassions, shoes make the man. As you customise the style, colors, materials and construction of your footwear, you’re creating the kind of footwear that reflects your lifestyle and personal taste. Whether you are looking for a classic cap-toe oxford or something a bit more flash – each shoe or boot can be customised in various colors, materials and patterns. Perhaps the most beneficial – a bespoke fit does wonders for style, comfort and well being. No two feet are identical; not even the two feet of... View Article →

Handmade Leather Shoes

J. Adler Bespoke Men’s Shoes

September 29, 2014

Custom-made Shoes and Boots J. Adler honors the tradition of hand-crafted, bespoke men’s footwear. Originally opened in 1904 on New York City’s, Fifth Avenue, the first “Adler Shoes” store quickly popularised their iconic “Budapest” shoe across The Empire State. Made entirely by hand, these hand-stitched and welted shoes set a standard for sharp, New York businessmen. Handmade Men’s Footwear Continuing the tradition through generations, one-hundred years later, J. Adler’s legacy lives on. Our master cobblers make each pair of shoes and boots by hand, without the use of any automated machines. Soles are attached with hand-pulled awling, double stitched in... View Article →